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65 Cool Things With Near

Apr 23, 2024

Everyone will be asking where you got it.

The only thing better than finding a new-to-you product that makes your life easier is finding one that’ll impress all your friends, too. Amazon has tons of items with thousands of five-star reviews to make your home look nicer, save money on your energy bills, and keep your car mess-free. Scroll on to see 65 products that all have rave reviews and truly deserve a spot in your cart and home.

This sunglasses holder features a magnetic closure and clips onto your visor so whether your car has a built-in holder or not, you will have quick and easy access to your shades on sunny days. One reviewer wrote, “Sometimes I would just throw my shades on the front seat- they'd end up ruined. This is a major lifesaver. Get it! Your glasses will thank you!”

With a convenient cutout in one corner, this Bluetooth tracker can be attached to a set of keys or a bag but is also thin enough to be slipped into a wallet. It allows you to find anything you attach it to within a 250-foot range. It can even be used to locate your phone — even when it’s on silent — and it’s Android and iOS compatible.

Thanks to its unique design, hair wraps neatly around the center cylinder of this flexible silicone hair catcher so it’s easy to pull it out of your drain and pop it right back in after cleaning. One reviewer wrote, “My drain has never been clogged again since purchasing this and I will be buying more.”

This water-resistant USB-chargeable electric lighter can spark a precise flame — even on windy days. The extra-long handle makes it easier to reach candles that are almost burned all the way down, inside a grill, and more. And because it takes three clicks to activate, you don’t need to worry about accidentally triggering it.

To quickly add extra space to your kitchen, snap on this magnetic stove shelf. The piece is made of durable stainless steel and is made to fit both flat and slightly curved stoves. And because it has a raised border in the back, none of your spices or condiments will fall between your appliance and the wall. Several colors and sizes are available in the listing.

With a strong adhesive backing, this magnetic key holder can support up to 220 grams so you can hang multiple sets without worrying about them falling off. The adorable cloud-shaped piece can be placed on tile, metal, wood, and more. One reviewer wrote, “I installed it easily following the directions and it immediately held my heavy sets of keys. It’s been up for several days and I really like it.”

This massager with 20 speeds and six different heads that target different muscle groups is a must-buy. It comes with a carrying case and features an LCD screen that allows you to easily switch up the speed to personalize your massage. It can run for up to six hours per charge.

The center of this pool float is made of soft mesh and only the ends inflate, making it easy to store or travel with. It can be used in four different ways (including as an exercise saddle) and it can support up to 250 pounds. It’s available in lots of fun colors in the listing.

When there isn’t a nearby outlet, this patio umbrella light will come in handy. The 28 LED bulbs can be set to three different brightness. Thanks to its clamp-on design, it fits poles measuring from 0.86 to 1.81 inches in diameter and installation is tool-free.

This 13-ounce dish soap dispenser will streamline your counter and it helps prevent waste; just push down to inject soap into your sponge without any dripping. The nonslip feet at the base ensure it stays in place. It comes in two other colors within the listing.

Specifically designed with a geometric shape to fit perfectly in your cup holder, you’ll finally have somewhere to stash receipts and gum wrappers with this car trash can. It has a push cover that both conceals the garbage and keeps it from falling out. It comes in four colors in the listing and a two-pack is available as well.

This roll-up drying rack helps you clear counter space without losing the ability to let dishes drip dry. It’s made of durable and rustproof stainless steel rods with silicone tips on either end to keep it in place. Place it over your sink and stack up to 33 pounds of pots and pans on it. Several sizes are available in the listing.

Reduce eyestrain with this USB-powered LED light strip that can be mounted to the back of your screen. It’s nearly 10 feet long and has an adhesive backing that makes installation fast and easy. Its white glow can be adjusted between 10 different brightness levels and it’s available in several sizes within the listing to fit TVs under 24 inches all the way up to 59.

Each of the cord holders in this three-pack has four slots to hold your cables in place and prevent tangles. Because they have adhesive backs, they can be placed anywhere that’s convenient, including the middle console in your car, the wall, or the side of your desk. They come in several colors within the listing to blend with any decor.

This car phone mount has an impressive number of five-star reviews thanks to its durability and convenient design that makes it easy to snap your phone in and out (even with a thick case). One reviewer wrote, “Has sat on the dashboard for at least 5 months now in both freezing and 90+ degree weather being directly exposed to the sun and has not lost any of its suction for an iPhone XR in an Otterbox defender case.” It can extend from 4 to 6.5 inches to work with various phones and cases.

Not only does the smooth material of this satin pillowcase keep you cool throughout the night, but it will also reduce breakouts and hair breakage. Choose between 13 different colors and patterns to dress up your bedspread.

Use this two-pack of storage straps to hang up your handheld vacuums and other tools that don’t have a convenient loop or to keep together hoses or cords. Each one is made of strong nylon that can hold up to 50 pounds and they are weather-resistant so they can be used both indoors and out, and their sturdy handles make it easy to move items around.

With no drilling or assembly required, you’ll be able to set up these magnetic spice racks instantly. Keep them on the side of your fridge for all the ingredients you want quick and easy access to — they can each hold up to 11 pounds. One reviewer wrote, “Space is limited and it's great to have some easy shelves to keep stuff I frequently use rather than leaving clutter all over the counters or having to dig through my cupboards.”

While this pair of car seat gap fillers will certainly ensure your car is less of a mess, it’ll also make things a bit safer because you’ll no longer be distracted by your phone falling between the seats. One reviewer wrote, “Everytime I drop something now, I look at it and think, ‘Best money I ever spent!’”

Made of durable stainless steel, this salad chopper with two blades can make quick work of slicing and dicing nuts, greens, veggies, and more. Its unique shape keeps your fingers safe while in use and it comes with blade covers for safer storage. And cleanup is a breeze because it's also safe to pop in your dishwasher.

Between their water-resistant coating and snag-free zippers, your clothes will be completely protected (and organized) in these packing cubes. Their mesh panels allow clothes to breathe and the set comes with four different sizes of cubes and a drawstring bag to keep your dirty laundry separated. The set is intended to hold enough clothing for a 14-day trip for one person.

This set of six mixing bowls can be used for prepping, storing, and serving lots of different foods; the smallest bowl is 0.32 quarts and the largest is 5.8. And because they’re safe to put in the microwave, fridge, or freezer, they’re versatile for lots of uses in the kitchen. Each nesting bowl comes with a spill-proof lid that keeps food fresher for longer and keeps your fridge clean. They’re also top-rack dishwasher safe.

This pair of heat-resistant gloves is made of flexible fabric that has non-slip silicone patches to give you a better grip on your cooking tools and hot pots and pans. Your skin will be well protected; each glove can withstand heat up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit and has a level-five cut resistance, which is four times stronger than leather.

Made of natural bamboo, this knife organizer provides a sturdy base for up to 16 blades to rest in. The angled positioning makes it easy to get blades in and out while protecting against accidents. In the center, there’s a wider slot for you to keep your sharpener in as well.

Each of the four sections of this freezing tray can fit one cup of liquid, making it helpful for saving broth or sauces. There’s also a half-cup marker on the inside for creating smaller portions and the flexible silicone makes it easy to pop out each frozen block. One reviewer wrote, “Well-fitting cover keeps liquids in and funky freezer odors out. Easy to clean.”

The sleek and minimalist design of this wireless doorbell with two separate push buttons can be installed in just minutes with double-sided tape or screws (both of which are included). The unit is powered by an included battery that will last up to three years, over 50 chimes are available, and there are four volume settings. One reviewer wrote, “I like the ease of attaching to the house, the clarity of bells, and ease to set up.”

Jotting down a new addition to your to-do list will be a little more fun when you pull the paper from this cat-shaped pop-up note dispenser. It comes with three accordion-style notepads and would make a great gift for the cat lover in your life. One reviewer wrote, “It exceeded my expectations. Solid construction and very cute.”

Instead of constantly dealing with water bottles falling over or having to reach all the way into the back of your cabinet to get the one you want, keep them all in place on these stackable bottle racks. They come in a pack of two and have three slots each. One reviewer wrote, “They are well made. The plastic is thick and sturdy.”

Able to fit in the palm of your hand, this knife sharpener won’t take up much drawer space. It features a suction cup base that keeps it steady without holding it in place by hand. Light strokes are all you need to revive various blades, including serrated ones.

Fill this two-pack of soap-saving bags with your favorite bars; they offer a drop-free grip and deep exfoliation because their bamboo-blend material buffs away dead skin cells while it boosts lathering. They have a loop for easy drip-dry storage on your caddy. A gentle exfoliating set is also available in the listing, as well as a two-pack with one of each kind.

Whether it’s a pot with stubborn baked-on stains, wood floors, jewelry, or even your bathtub, this cleaning paste can take care of it all. It works fast to remove stains, grease, and grime, all while leaving behind a streak-free shine. One reviewer wrote, “I barely used any pressure and all of the stains lifted with ease! For the first time ever, My arms weren’t even close to being tired after tackling the tub! 100/10 from me! It’s now my go-to for everything.”

You’ll be able to slip a few pairs onto one of these pant hangers thanks to their ability to hold up to 10 pounds each. They come in a pack of 20 and are coated in rubber to prevent even the silkiest fabric from slipping off. One reviewer wrote, “They barely take up any space and are super easy to quickly grab your clothes.”

With strong stainless steel blades, the winding rod on this potato peeler will hold a fruit or vegetable in place as you turn the handle to peel or spiralize. You only need one hand to operate it because the rubber base also acts as a vacuum, securing itself to the surface below. One reviewer wrote, “I love this product. It cuts my time in half when making apple pie or apple sauce just amazing.”

To make gravy or sauces that are less greasy, you’ll want this fat separator. With the press of a button, it releases liquid from the bottom, letting you stop before it reaches the fat that rises to the surface. It’s safe to clean in your dishwasher and all parts are made of BPA-free, heat-resistant plastic. Plus, it comes with a stainless steel peeler.

The built-in handles that also act as a rail set this eye-catching wood turntable apart. Because it’s easy to carry, it can act as a tray for bringing snacks from the kitchen to the living room, but its 360-degree rotation and nonslip feet make it great for organizing cabinets as well.

In as little as three minutes, these wine wand filters purify your drink to remove histamines and sulfites that trigger the most common wine sensitivities like flushed skin, headaches, and an upset stomach. And because they also aerate, they’ll boost the flavor and aroma of any blend. “This wand is incredible. The first thing I noticed was that the wine tasted ‘fresher.’ [...] No headaches since using it,” one reviewer wrote.

Free of odors like citronella, this mosquito repeller creates a 15-foot zone of protection in just 15 minutes — all you have to do is slide in the repellent mats. One reviewer wrote, “I managed to sit outside comfortably until 11:00 p.m. and didn’t have a gazillion mosquito bites to contend with!”

Following along with a recipe will be a lot easier with the help of this book stand. The durable bamboo board can be adjusted between five different angles and the metal page holders at the bottom free up your hands so you can focus on chopping and mixing. It can also be used to hold a tablet.

Thanks to its durable cast aluminum base, this electric skillet is scratch-resistant and comes with an easy-to-clean tempered glass lid and a side dial to adjust the temperature (it also has a keep-warm feature). Even better, the ceramic titanium coating cooks up to 30% faster than traditional nonstick skillets. One reviewer wrote, “The titanium and copper ceramic combination make the Bella electric fry pan the best you can get. It doesn't burn anything.”

This electric water dispenser has a universal pump that can fit on most 2- to 6-gallon water containers. The USB-rechargeable battery lasts 40 days per charge and is operated via a simple waterproof button at the top of the tap.

Spruce up your shelves with these gemstone bookends. There are four colorways in the listing to choose between and four different sizes. Each set comes with rubber bumpers that can be placed on the bottom to keep them from slipping and protect your surfaces from scratches.

Available in seven different finishes, it’ll be easy to work this self-adhesive paper towel holder in with the rest of your appliances and decor. Just stick it onto your wall or underneath your cabinet to free up some counter space. It’s waterproof and rustproof, and it also comes with screws and anchors for installation.

Pull out this power brush drill attachment kit the next time your grout lines or grill need a deep cleaning. The set comes with three different brush heads so you can get into any space. The bristles are made of tough nylon that won’t scratch your surfaces and the listing has several versions for different tasks around the house.

These shoe deodorizer balls will freshen your sneakers, boots, or gym bag. The set comes with eight balls that can be twisted open for use and twisted close between uses for deactivation. One reviewer wrote, “These are easy to use and adjust level and great to throw in shoes, in a drawer, or in a gym/athletics bag.”

In as little as three minutes after applying this callus remover, your feet will be softer and free of cracks and calluses. It’s made of plant-based ingredients including tea tree oil and it leaves behind a fresh lemon scent. One reviewer wrote, “This stuff is amazing. My feet are so smooth and stay that way for a long time. I highly recommend this product.”

Getting your yard ready for the summer is easy with this cordless hedge trimmer that weighs just 2.5 pounds. It comes with interchangeable heads so you can also shear grass in spots your mower can’t reach. One reviewer wrote, “This thing cuts through the grass like butter and I had no issues with running out of battery or having it slow down in the middle of my task.”

While using this scalp massager will feel great, it will also help you get your hair cleaner. It can be used wet or dry to scrub away dead skin and product buildup. The easy-to-hold handle also has two interchangeable silicone heads with different style massagers.

This bird bath fountain pump has a six-nozzle fountain, but you don’t have to use electricity or batteries to turn it on — it will operate automatically when in direct sun. One reviewer wrote, “Lots of compliments on it and the birds are better attracted to the perpetual movement and soft sounds of the water.”

This bath caddy has wide compartments with enough room for your book, coffee mug, wine glass, candle, and more. It’s made of durable bamboo and comes ready to use. Check out the matching bamboo bath mat in the listing for a total spa vibe.

You can see how popular this electric can opener is when scrolling through its more than 57,000 five-star reviews. All you have to do is place it on top of a can and press the button; it’ll take off the top in seconds and leave a smooth edge instead of a sharp one.

With a bento-style design, you can pack multiple types of food inside this stackable lunch box. The bottom container can hold 2 cups of food, while the top is split into two 1-cup sections. It comes with utensils that are cleverly hidden on top of the center divider and it has a secure lid and sealing strap that makes it easy to carry without worrying about spills. It’s available in eight colors within the listing.

This grill scraper will be able to get everything off the rods of any grill thanks to its unique design that has several notches for different kinds of grill rods. It also doubles as a bottle opener and can be cleaned in your dishwasher. One reviewer wrote, “This little device helps me clean off the grates faster and easier than grill brushes.”

This solar-powered, inflatable LED lantern is a great option when you need some extra brightness on your back patio but don’t want to waste energy or use a harsh overhead light. It’s also useful for camping, bringing to festivals, and more. Just carry it by the top handle and collapse it down to just 1 inch tall when not in use so that it’s easy to pack away. When fully charged, it can provide up to 24 hours of light (and it can be charged via USB as well).

Lining your pathways with this six-pack of solar-powered garden lights can make a big difference in the appearance of your home — and there are no cords to mess with or outlets needed. They’re made of durable materials to be water resistant and can stay lit for up to 12 hours.

Attaching these lawn aerator shoes to the bottom of any of your sneakers or boots will allow you to improve your lawn’s health just by walking. The 13 metal spikes on the bottom of each shoe can help to encourage deeper roots so that your lawn will have an overall higher density. “The product works well and was easy to put together. Very easy to store as well. My grass is already doing better,” wrote one shopper.

At half the size of a traditional colander, this silicone strainer will save you a ton of cabinet space. The flexible material can be easily stored and clamped onto any size pot or pan so that you can drain your pasta or wash your greens without having to transfer them to another dish. It’s heat-resistant up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit.

Built-up lint hampers your dryer’s efficiency, wasting energy and money; clean it out with this vent cleaner kit. By attaching this 3.5-foot-long hose to any vacuum, you’ll be able to reach deep inside to remove any blockage and even prevent a house fire.

You’ll feel much better after that gym session when you have this two-pack of microfiber towels to wipe yourself dry with. The soft fabric absorbs sweat (up to seven times its weight to be exact) and dries quickly. One reviewer wrote, “Not only good for the gym, but I keep one always in my car just in case it rains to dry my car door right away. Easy to store and quick dry.”

Although this hummingbird feeder comes in four different designs, the base of each is bright red to attract hummingbirds. All you have to do to keep them coming is to fill the large chamber with nectar. And thanks to the leakproof seal, easy-to-fill wide opening, and ant moat, it’s easy to set up and mess-free.

Able to support up to 10,000 pounds, you’ll be able to lift much more than just your mattress with these 2-inch bed risers. Place them under dressers, side tables, and anywhere else you would appreciate a bit more storage space. They’re also available in white and brown in the listing to match different pieces of furniture.

With a removable basket, this dishwasher-safe salad spinner transforms from a colander to a serving bowl in seconds. It has a one-handed operation that quickly dries fruit, veggies, and greens. And when not in use, the lid can lay flat for easy storage. One reviewer wrote, “Fits an entire head of lettuce and I love that you can use the bowl for your salad...less dishes to clean is always a plus for me!”

With exposed wiring and a unique teardrop shape, these vintage lightbulbs have a trendy retro vibe and provide 230 lumens for a warm white glow. One reviewer wrote, “I have them over my island and my sink in the kitchen, so they get A LOT of use. I haven’t changed one in 2 years...in fact, I came to write this review because I just realized how long they lasted.”

Using this pumice stone toilet bowl cleaner, you’ll be able to power through calcium deposits, limescale, hard water rings, iron deposits, rust stains, and more without worrying about leaving scratches. One reviewer wrote, “Not only did the stain come off, the toilet looks brand new!” It comes with a ventilated case for sanitary storage between uses.

When you think of hand sanitizer, you probably don’t think of moisturization. But this rosewater-scented spray will make you think again. It’s made of hydrating ingredients like aloe vera that leave your skin hydrated while removing 99.9% of germs thanks to its high ethyl alcohol content.

These microfiber hair towels cut down on drying time while still being gentle on hair and even reducing frizz. And since they have an elastic loop in the back, you won’t have to constantly readjust because of any slipping. The pack of four ensures you always have a clean one handy.

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