Riemot Luggage Travel Cup Holder review: A must
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Riemot Luggage Travel Cup Holder review: A must

Aug 27, 2023

We’ve all been there. You’re walking through the airport, train station or around town with your carry-on luggage in tow, leaving you with one hand to carry all of your other belongings. Want to post on social media or follow a map on your phone while towing your bag? Suddenly your hands are maxed out. Need a sip of water while you’re on the go? Forget it.

That’s where the simple-in-design Riemot Luggage Travel Cup Holder comes into play. This versatile and compact fabric luggage holder helps to solve the problem of balancing, well, life, while also towing your carry-on bag or checked luggage while you travel. And at just around $10, it’s a must-have for any traveler.

This luggage drink holder promises to solve one of travel's big problems: multitasking while carrying your luggage. And it delivers. It's small, lightweight, easy to set up and versatile in all of the items it can carry. For travelers who like to be well-connected at all times and those traveling with a family, this small tool is worth the investment.

I travel a lot. And because I’m frequently in airports, on trains and generally touring around, I’m always looking for products that can help make travel easier. So when I stumbled on this innovative-looking luggage caddy from Riemot, I was interested.

Not only does the simple caddy come in 20 colors and designs (some are even designed to hold a laptop!), but they’re all offered at a price point that makes them a steal of a deal. I was intrigued and ordered the standard gray color directly from Amazon.

At its most basic level, the Riemot Luggage Travel Cup Holder is a score because it improves the travel experience and only costs around $10. The design of the sleeve makes it easy to use with just about any type of rolling luggage. Whether you’re looking to use it with a carry-on bag or a piece of checked luggage, the simple design allows you to slip the sleeve over a telescopic handle thanks to its elastic bands and adjust exactly how you want with velcro attachments.

In total, the sleeve offers three compartments for storing just about anything you might want to keep close by. There are two dedicated drink holders, which I found the perfect size to fit a water bottle as well as a medium-sized coffee drink. Riemot says each of the pockets can hold containers up to 24 ounces. While the sleeve worked for me in keeping my coffee spill-free while being towed (the spillage in the photo above happened before the drink was in its holder), I would keep a close eye on any non-spillproof containers if you’re walking over varied terrain like cobblestone streets.

On the reverse side of the sleeve is a larger compartment that’s the perfect size for holding any other travel essentials. I used it to hold my passport and boarding pass in addition to a portable battery pack when my phone needed some juice. But really, the value in the sleeve is that it can hold anything that you might need — sunglasses, handheld video games, tablets, credit cards, passports for the whole family and much, much more.

I loved that you can arrange the sleeve to be forward- or rear-facing. In the case of the latter, you can also fit a travel backpack or tote on the top of your bag via the telescopic handle and have access to your drinks from the rear. For the duration of my testing, I felt as though my things were secure in the caddy.

When you’re all done using the sleeve and ready to store it, it folds up to a single panel that secures itself together via a velcro strip. From there, it’s easy to slip into any bag, ready for your next use. Plus, it’s extremely lightweight so there’s no need to worry about it weighing your bag down. And, when you get home, the sleeve is machine-washable; in case any spillage does occur, you can wash it off so it’s good as new for your next trip.

Whether you’re a frequent traveler looking to improve your own travel experience or looking for an inexpensive gift for the frequent traveler in your life, the Riemot Luggage Travel Cup Holder is worthy of consideration.

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