Pikmin 4: Blossoming Arcadia 100% Completion Guide
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Pikmin 4: Blossoming Arcadia 100% Completion Guide

Jun 04, 2023

Recover all treasures, Onions, and Castaways on the Blossoming Arcadia level in Pikmin 4 with some help.

A big part of the fun of a game like Pikmin 4 is to achieve that elusive 100% completion rate, and in this part of the world, that means collecting all the possible Treasures, Onions, and Rescues in a level before moving on to the next challenge.

With more sights to see and even more puzzles to solve, that can be a difficult endeavor to keep up without some help. Fret not, for this Blossoming Arcadia 100% completion guide for Pikmin 4 will provide everything needed to accomplish that task.

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For the 100% completion of the Blossoming Arcadia level, there are a total of 3 Onions, 9 Rescues, and 60 Treasures to bring back to Rescue Command. During the level, aside from the Red, Ice, and Yellow Pikmin, players will also gain access to the Blue and Rock Pikmin as well.

The guide will be broken into two main sections, one covering the surface world and the other charting out the course in the seven caves found on the level.

Pikmin 4 is available now, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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Pikmin 4 Blossoming Arcadia 100% completion guideTreasure - Wayward Moon: Treasure - Velvety Dreamdrop:Treasure - Harmonic Synthesizer: Treasure - Mooching Vase:Treasure - Octoplus:Treasure - Wind Detector:Treasure - Unfloatable Boat:Treasure - Mechanical Harp (Memory Song):Treasure - Shake-a-Smile:Treasure - Orbital Communication Sphere: OnionTreasure - Sweat-Soaked Blue Bird: Treasure - Cupid's Grenade x 3: Treasure - Brush of Wisdom: Treasure - Sphere of Fuzzy Feelings: Treasure - Sticky Jewel: Treasure - Floral Instigator: Onion: Treasure - Daughter Doll Head: Treasure - Searing Acidshock: Rescue x 3Treasure - Decorative Goo: Treasure - Citrus Lamp:Treasure - Universal Rubber Cutie:Treasure - Talisman of Life (Cherry Blossom): Treasure - Time Marker:Rescue - Treasure - Disguised Delicacy:Treasure - Blonde Imposter: Onion - Treasure - Astringent Clump:Rescue - Treasure - Expression Hider:Treasure - Flaky Temptation: Treasure - Memory Fragment (Bottom Right): Treasure - Ambiguous Goo: Treasure - Director of Destiny: Rescue - Treasure - Disk of Joyous Wisdom x 3: Treasure - Planetary Rubber Cutie: Treasure - Sweet Stumble-Not: Treasure - Cookie of Prosperity: Treasure - Crew-Cut Gourd: Treasure - Chance Totem:Rescue - Treasure - Ancient Statue Head:Treasure - Micromanagement Station: Treasure - Masterpiece Plank:Treasure - Hoop of Healing: Rescue - Treasure - Heat Sensor: Treasure - Memory Fragment (Top... Probably):Treasure - Hoop of Fortune: Treasure - Spouse Alert:Treasure - Sphere of Support:Treasure - Back-at-the-Beginning Track:Treasure - Tandem Trainer:Treasure - Middle-Management Tank Car:Treasure - Internal-Clock Measurer: Rescue - Treasure - Sphere of Family:Pikmin 4